Water Treatment

The services we can provide are varied and include;

  • Risk assessments & Reviews
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Provision of Log Books
  • Water Temperature Recording
  • Water Tank Cleaning and Chlorination
  • Water Chlorination to BS 6700
  • Generator De-scaling & Cleaning
  • Cooling Towers Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Chemical Cleans & Flushing of Heated & Chilled Systems
  • Inhibitor Dosing % Ph Control
  • Compliance Certification
  • Water Sampling Analysis for Legionella / E.Coli / Coliform / Bacteria etc..
  • Shower Head Cleaning & De-scales

Our major concern within our water treatment service is to prevent the outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease by ensuring our customers are made fully aware of their legal duties and follow guidelines suggested by The Health & Safety Executive.

Over the past a strong client base has been built, many of whom request our services on a repeat basis. The success of the company is due largely to its flexibility in tailoring our services to the individual client’s requirements and budget